Galway’s live music guide: Sunday 7th April

Happy sunny Sunday to all you beautiful summer ready Galwegians! The weather gods have seen fit to grace us with a little sunshine and it’s only right that we make the most of it so don’t forget to dig deep and support the vibrant Galway Buskers Community as you wander through the town soaking up the amazing atmosphere that they work so hard to create! If you find yourselves drawn towards the great indoors there are, as always, a whole heap of gigs to keep you entertained. Here are just a few of them…

The Salt House Sunday Session kicks off at 16:30 and is guaranteed to get you in the Sunday mood with some of Galways finest musicians performing harmony laden Folk/Americana songs in the home of the Full Sail. Carroll’s on Dominick Street has their trad session kicking off around 17:00 just inside the window while Sin a Deir Sí take to the stage downstairs in Monroe’s Galway at around 18:00. If you like your guitar solos with a touch of distortion then get along to E-Bruns Bar and check out Richie Brennan and the Vibe Tribe at around 18:30. Just across the road the honourable Szymon Misniak continues to bring the finest in Sunday Jazz to Il Vicolo from around 19:00. Dynamic duo Pa Sheil and Fergal McDonagh bring their sunny acoustic sounds to the stage in the Quays Bar Galway from 19:00.

Submissions for the hugely popular Open Mic Night at Róisín Dubh start upstairs from around 20:00 so get in early and talk to Steven Sharpe or Trass Bee if you fancy a spot. Across the road in Monroe’s Galway you can catch Tuam powerhouse Mouse McHugh doing his Sunday thing downstairs from around 20:30. Local legends Greg Cotter and Mary Flanagan continue to curate their super friendly Country/Folk session in the Crane Bar from 21:00. The fun continues in Massimo Bar Galway from 21:30 with Jade Reynolds and The Rollover providing the tunage until late. Taylor’s Bar & Beer Garden has music 7 nights a week and tonight it’s the awesome Half Mile Down who will be kicking off around 21:30.

If you happen to be across the river trying to read the books attached to the walls of Tigh Neachtain be sure to pop your head inside and catch the Viking merriment of V and the Gang playing all your favorite Swedish Gypsy tunes from 21:30. Panglossian bassist Turlock Holmes takes to the stage with the metronomic members of Pyramid in the Quays Bar Galway at around 21:45 or you can catch Cormac Dunne, Ciaran Storey and Karl Clews getting all Superfreaky in the Dail bar from 22:30 and we will be hitting the stage in the Róisín Dubh at 12 midnight!

Well after a week spent sharpening our tribal chops I am delighted to be bringing a couple of proper Celtic tunes to the set tonight with the help of our resident Trad maestro Gabo GD! Joining in the fun… Mark Sullivan on guitars and Offaly step-dancing. Bushkanga Rilla on drums and bodhrán beats. Bertrand Huvé on sax et danse de rivière. Eanna Ryder on keys and cáca milís. Danny Healy on trumpets and camo. The aforementioned Gabo GD on flutes and pipes of all descriptions! Channeling Magnum PI tonight and on bass guitar, the venerable John O’Dwyer. And our super special guest is the virtuoso Dobro player Tom Portman who will be bring a hat and a whole lot of danger to the stage tonight!

So there you have it folks. Another super busy sunny day in G-Town and as always if you guys make it to the end of the night we’d only love to have the pleasure of your company in the back room of the Róisín Dubh where we will be doing our best to keep the lights low for as long as possible 😎

Doors: 23:30

There will be singing.
There will be dancing.

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John Conneely
John Conneely has a beard. He is very loud when he sings. He performs every Sunday with his band in the Roisin Dúbh in Galway City. He’s not great at writing bios!