Silence & Service at Trattoria Magnetti!

The Quay Street thoroughfare of Galway city where Trattoria Magnetti presented this hungry visitor with many fine pastas and pizzas was next on the list for the Eye Spy. Surrounded by a relaxing atmosphere in the middle of the passing foot traffic outside, this restaurant gave a nice break from pedestrian vibes outside.

This hungry mouth was pleasantly given a choice of seating and swift service before the full menu was studied and a large pizza was chosen as the most desired option. After a suitable amount of time the full plate was set on the table and before long a happy meal was had.

I have to say there are few complaints here and even the price seemed reasonable considering the location of this nice comfortable spot. However, if you fancy people-watching with your meal, best go outside and sit on a ledge and watch the throngs of tourists pass by!

Result: 9 / 10