Burnt Fries but Happy Smiles at The Hyde!

In the classy surroundings of the Hyde Bar off Galway`s Eyre Square time had to be taken out of a busy day to have a quick bite. Although the place was quiet at that time of day, immediately there seemed to be a happy staff at work which seemed a great sign for the person arriving from the street just hoping to be fed as soon as possible.

A light bite was decided upon as there was other business to be done on the day and so a smiling staff member was nice enough to give me a menu. After a brief look at it, I decided that chips were the quickest and easiest thing to dig into in order to fill that gaping hole at the pit of my stomach.

Before long the bowl was delivered and the sauce was applied. I`m afraid, even though I tried more than one sauce sachet and to wash it down with a glass of water, the chips were well and truly burned and not something that would entice me to order them again. Though the service was nice (although no receipt given) the bar is cool and a return may be on the cards, but this time only for a drink!

Result: 5/10