Tony Mangan ‘Walk Around The World’ #38

It`s a long an lonely road when your on your own and away from home. Sure, you can bump into the odd straggler along the way but in general, they are not your friends or those you`ve grown up with. For most people this is very liberating and for Tony Mangan, who is a truly mature and independent adult, this is the way it is , mostly. Yet, when you are away from home and it`s a special occasion it`s usually a time when you would much prefer to be home and meeting up with friends and family. When the national holiday bounces from the calendar that`s surely a time when you want to kickback and hang around with friends and even foes. Not so for Tony who will continue to walk the world in his quest for educating people about ‘Early Cancer Screening’.

DUBLIN, IRELAND – MARCH 17: Saint Patrick’s Day parade in Dublin Ireland on March 17, 2014: People dress up Saint Patrick’s at The Temple Bar.

Others in his native Ireland will be walking too, but this time for a different reason. They`ll be taking part in the annual St. Patrick`s Day parade. Though Tony will walk for cancer awareness, most people around the world on the March 17th will be walking for tradition. It makes you wonder then would Tony take the day off if he was back home in Ireland or would he just join in with the St. Patrick`s Day shenanigans on the streets of his native Dublin?

I mean Tony really doesn`t look too special as he makes the miles up walking around Asia. He`s usually wearing a suitably adequate short pants for the heat that enraptures him as the sun shines and his cardio reaches a higher level than most, an old shirt, and while one hand guides his stride the other pulls along his trusty cart with his worldly belongings. Nothing fancy. Surely nothing that anyone would feel is good enough for a showpiece in the St. Patrick`s Day parade? Hardly.

Then again, even if he did finish his world walk right now he`d have clocked up over three years of continuous walking around the world. No mean feat. Surely that achievement alone would mean he`d make it in the cultural central piece of the Irish calendar year. After all, if someone like Tony (who pertains to be the proverbial ‘ordinary man’) can achieve such an extra-ordinary feat then it would be great for all other ordinary bystanders to see him as he waves to the crowd of onlookers on the national holiday.

Still, there is that style issue that Tony has. Maybe, that`s why he still hasn`t got that official invitation yet to partake in the Dublin city parade of 2019?!

Lately in China, he was kitted out with a new clothing style for walking. Perhaps if Tony was to wear it every day for the next year he may be the St. Patrick`s Day 2020 Grand Marshal?

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