Tony Mangan ‘Walk Around The World’ #37

Tony Mangan needs to stop walking or else he is sure to fall off the Earth. The round the world walker is testing not only his human limits, but, the limits of the universe as he toddles from one city to the next. He is tempting fate and someone needs to stop him as soon as they can. If he is left walking any longer he will officially be the first human being to fall off the Earth. His tomb stone will read

He walked the world for so many who fell ill but until he fell he was not ill

By the way, this is not according to yours truly or to fake news. Rather, it is the truth that all humans have been hidden from for many a generation. Thanks to NASA who claimed we have a spherical planet it`s motivated a growing international community to believe that the Earth is not sphere shaped but instead simply flat.

Check it out. You can test it yourself by standing on lands end and looking as far as your eye can see. If you can see over a couple of hundred metres out into the ocean then how could the earth be sphere shaped? After all, should it not have a curve which means you can`t see flat land that far?

Another piece of evidence, according to the Flat earth community, which proves the Earth is flat states that if you check out the soles of your shoe they are indeed flat and if you were to walk on a curved surface it should make the shoe curved in return.

In the United States, 34% of 18-24 year olds believe that the Earth is not round. Recent survey results of over 7,000 US citizens said that 4% of Americans feel the world is round, 5% think they always believed the world to be round but have recently become skeptical. An even lower, 2%, say it is flat with another 2% thinking that they always thought the Earth was flat, but, have recently become skeptical. The remaining percentage (7%) just weren’t sure of their opinion. Such is it`s popularity that Netflix have a documentary on the community of people.

Whether Tony Mangan knows about the Flat Earth phenomenon is unknown.

For now, all we can do is cross our fingers and hope Tony survives and keeps upright. If his social media is anything to go it`s hard to know that after over 3 years walking the Flat Earth how he is still keeping his feet on the ground and not somewhere dangling into the universal unknown while his feet plod one after another as if hanging on to the biggest cliff edge a-round!

Tony Mangan is some man. He defies all odds. He sure is, as the Americans say, ‘a curveball!’

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As a native Galwegian, Conor Hogan teaches and consults across the areas of education, well-being and health while also researching human behaviour for his PhD at NUI Galway. After winning regional and national leadership awards, he blogged and co-authored a book on Mental Health for Millennials. He tells us he will endeavour to enrapture the glint of the Galway Eye 🙂 You can find out more about Conor at

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