Tony Mangan ‘Walk Around The World’ #27

Tony Mangan is no Forrest Gump.

Although the classic movie featured a man, who at one stage of his adult life decided to react to his romantic ups and downs by hitting the road on foot and running for as long as he felt like it, Tony is very different.

Sure, Tony has run the world, but he has done so with true athleticism and precision of timing. Gump, on the other hand, was unsure of his timing and just let one foot fall after another as he aimlessly found flight from the fright of his romantic defeat.

Another way is which you could not begin to compare Tony with Forrest is the fact that Tony, unlike Forrest, has a knack with the ladies. After all, he is a happy person as  the fairer gender tends to be more emotional,  let`s face it, if you encounter a positive person like Tony Mangan then you`re emotions are bound to make you feel better.

Still on Tony`s recent challenge he has met what seems like a more realistic comparison to Forrest Gump himself.

Forrest not only ran himself from one end of the country to the other but in one of his many other achievements became a member of the All America ping pong Army team who were the first team to visit China in what he stated was:

[ The first team visit] in something like a million years... or something like that!

In meeting his friend Kevin in China of late Tony has met a man whose skill with the small ping pong ball compares with Gump`s natural steady hand reactions and visual concentration and a man who would probably defeat the talented character played by Tom Hanks if given the opportunity in the 1994 movie classic.

Seeing as Tony glided into welcoming China without a fuss a couple of week`s back and he has made so many friends already it`s fair to say he`s as opposite as Gump as can be.

Kevin, his Chinese friend, though could represent China with skill and aplomb that would make Forrest call for more Americans to back him up such is Kevin`s steely  concentration that many Chinese athletes exude when calling upon their  competitive instincts.

So in meeting Kevin and becoming friendly with his majestic skill it`s clear  Tony Mangan could never be compared with Forrest Gump. In fact, if you were to compare him with Gump you`d be right to the accused of being quite silly. Why? well,  as the great character of the same entitled movie Forrest Gump once repeatedly uttered the wise words of his mother when saying:

  Stupid is as stupid does

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