Macnas Parade Excites the Crowds on Galway Streets

"The Grumpy Man" , as I called him, at the 2018 Macnas Parade in Galway"The Grumpy Man" , as I called him, at the 2018 Macnas Parade in Galway

Crowds in Galway were enthralled and excited at the annual Macnas parade in the town. Children were thrilled with the interaction of the artists and the giant creatures in the “Out of the Wild Sky“. Our own favourite which our favourite was the Pegasus horse.

The parade wound its way through the city streets. It featured the Pegasus horse. A selection of ghosts and ghouls prowled the streets. Followed by a crecesnt and the Moon People as I called them. All the while dancers and drummers dressed as zombies and all sorts of otherwords spectres held the street.

They were quite scary, though not as much as some of the recent presidential election candidates!

An annual tradition

Macnas parades and productions are an annual feature of Galway city, and also Dublin and other places. The year prior in planning and creating the creatures and figures for the parades, the practices of the dancers, drummers, and preformers all add to the professional presentation of the parades in which they organised or take part in.

Making memories for generations to come

Every Macnas parade tells a story, either a legend retelling or a new story. Everyone gets their own take of the parade, and the creatures depicted in them. My own preference is to give a nickname to the creations, such as Pegasus for the horse, the Grumpy Man for another of the creations, and so on.

However, on the Macnas page, you can read of the actual names and the stories behind the creations!

It must leave quite the impression of children, and they will tell their children and grandchildren of the parades. This cultural phenomenon many take for granted in this little city of ours brings to life a storytelling tradition and keeps it going in a new way.

We hope that by then they may still be going strong!

Where next for “Out of the Wild Sky”?

As part of the Bram Stoker Festival, they will be thrilling the crows of the capital with the creatures of the west on the streets of Dublin!

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