Tony Mangan ‘Walk Around The World’ #25

In 1986 thee was a movie released starring the famous Eddie Murphy who had to travel away from his easy breezy single life in the US  all the way to Tibet, somewhere in Asia. There, Murphy (who played the character of Chandell Jarrell) was a  private detective who specialised in missing children was summoned to save a unique child. During the adventure that he went through Jarrell was directed by Kala the dragon lady who briefed him on why he was the one to save this very important child.

Chandler Jarrell: Tell me about the Golden Child.
Kala: Every thousand generations, a perfect child is born, a Golden Child. He has come to rescue us.
Chandler Jarrell: Rescue us from what?
Kala: From ourselves.
Chandler Jarrell: Ah.
Kala: He is the bringer of compassion. If he dies, compassion will die with him.
Chandler Jarrell: So, if something happens to the kid, the whole world goes to hell?
Image may contain: 2 people, including Tony Mangan, people smiling, closeupKala: The world will become hell.

Tony Mangan is not a  Chandler Jarrell though he has some similarities to him. After all, like Jarrell, he has left his native country for the good of a greater need for mankind in spreading his  word that early cancer screen is necessary for all. Not just that, he is also a single man.

Lately, as he stooped to get  some pockets sown into his walking shirt he encountered a nice  female dressmaker. Although she was quite helpful she soon began to show signs of incredible affection for Tony when she said things like:

‘Are you married?’ and ‘Why are you not married because you are very handsome!’ and this was followed by ‘I have no husband’ and ‘What about me?’ and ‘Will you marry me Tony?’


Still Tony being the gentleman that he was politely declined the kind lady`s broken English advances. That`s not to say that he didn`t appreciate the compliments but Tony is a catch in anyone`s mind and something more than a quick proposal is required to settle him down. After all, he has plenty more mileage to go to complete his world walk.

For now, somewhere in Asia, he strides out one foot after another. Tony Mangan is no Chandler Jarrell, but due to his compassion and ability to spread his noble message he will save many from the torture of their own personal hell when suffering from cancer. He is one in a thousand generations. Maybe, like the golden child, that female dressmaker saw that there is special child like quality within him.


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