Tony Mangan ‘Walk Around The World’ #21

Almost ten years ago now in 2009 there was a classically funny movie that hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons. In it, three friends woke up after a wild night spent celebrating the impending marriage of their other friend somewhere in Las Vegas. Once they began to realise where they were that morning they soon did a quick headcount and discovered that the  one friend that had motivated them to be there  in the first place, was actually missing. The next couple of hours led them to retrace their steps all over the city in order to try and figure out where their buddy was so, just so  they could get him home in time for his wedding nuptials.

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Of course, that well known movie was The Hangover and the eventual outcome of the story caused quite a stir of comical proportions across the western world as this atypical scenario could be understood by most who had ever had a few drinks prior to the wedding of a friend.

In these past couple of weeks Tony Mangan from  has been re-tracing his steps also. He has become so aware of his footprint in Asia that he has not only entered into Thailand from Australia,  but, has come out the other side again. Unlike the antics of the three drunken comics in the first film in the Hangover series, Tony has been bright and cheery as he mingles with  the smiley Thai people.  Using the Siamese language as a way of communicating was not easy for him as he had to show his mannerly ways to break down the language barriers. Instead, he put body language to his international endeavours so that he could get some publicity  towards his remarkable aim of letting as many people know that he is trotting the globe for Cancer awareness. That, coupled with the fact that he is experiencing limited mobile phone coverage at times makes it difficult for him to get his noble message across.

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Seeing as Tony knew Thailand (as he had ran through it before on his world run some time back) he was always going to look forward to his brief return on this leg of his world walk.

Tony made it through Thailand with a smile as big as the natives. However, for the wolfpack in the Hangover part 2 it was not as smooth running.

A couple of years after that infamous night in Las Vegas the friends visited Thailand to celebrate their other friend Stu`s stag night- as he was planning to marry a Thai native.  What followed was an alcohol and drug filled night of mayhem where a speedboat, tattoo artist, wild elephants, tuk tuk rides and a distinct lack of short term memory made for a comical take on the second of these pre-wedding movies.

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Perhaps the next time Zach Galifianakis, Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Justin Bartha go to Thailand they`ll check out and spend time there in a more productive way like Tony Mangan did in Thailand during these past couple of weeks.

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