Tony Mangan ‘Walk Around The World’ #12

During this past week Tony Mangan has landed in Crocodile Dundee country. The 1986 hit movie chronicled the lifestyle of outback hunter gather Mick Dundee who had an often hilarious twist on things that he experienced.

There’s a scene from the movie ‘Crocodile Dundee 2’  in which Mick Dundee is walking leisurely through a fancy hotel like venue hand in hand with the female lead Sue Charlton.  The couple are greeted by a concierge who offers Dundee’s lady friend a menu of sorts while Mick`s outdoor instincts kick in once he sees, to the other side of him, a musician snake charming for entertainment. Dundee immediately reacts to the snake as it wriggles by his arm and grabs it with both hands before cracking it’s neck in a nonchalant manner. The snake wiggles no more and instead drops to the base of the basket where it once lived. All the while, Sue Charlton is unaware of Dundee’s flick of the wrist and they both walk on through the hotel.

Mick Dundee’s character can be summed up by a few quotes that he said throughout filming. One quote from him explained his theory on life when he began with:

Of course it took me a week to crawl this far. 
I thought I was a goner. I said to meself,  
“ Mick old son, find yourself a nice comfortable spot
 and lay down and die”

During these past weeks or so Tony can relate to this. As he has been walking through Australia over the past 10 days he has momentarily taken the outback and all it`s outdoor wonders of nature for granted.

Of late he was rambling with his trusted cart ‘Karma’ and was pensive about his late mother’s birthday which was on that very same day. Naturally, as Tony has dedicated his world walk to the need for early cancer screening (which was in part motivated by his mother’s passing from the dreaded disease) he could be forgiven for his lapse in concentration as he moved along his route.

As he rolled his cart forward upon the road it ran directly over a snake which wasn’t obvious to the eye at the time and, before Tony realised it, his momentum made him step right onto the reptile. By the time he figured out what had just occurred the snake had slithered for cover into the surrounding grass as Tony was left to wonder if the creature was venomous or not.

Thankfully, Tony has recovered and his world walk continues.

What of what Mick Dundee said earlier?

In reply to the quote by Dundee about he may have been killed one time his missus in the movie Sue Charlton said:

Weren't you afraid?

To which Mick replied:

Of dying? Nah, I read the Bible once. You know God and Jesus and all them apostles? They were fishermen, just like me. Yeah, straight to heaven for Mick Dundee Yep, me and God, we`d be mates 

Now that Tony has learned from the outback warrior of Mick Dundee’s legacy he’ll never be afraid to die. He’ll face the coming weeks with bravery as the worst that can happen has happened and he has survived the incident with the snake and is still walking onward.

You can’t kill Tony Mangan, for he’s just got too much ‘snake charm’ in him.

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