Stephen Hawking Dies aged 76

Stephen Hawking has passed away. He brought science down to our level, and made everyone an expert in so much as what we think we know. He made Black Holes seem almost comprehensible. Like all good scientists, he always was willing to look again at his theories and adapt them.

I have always had an interest in astronomy, but have not followed up on it much, and it’s one of my ambitions to join Galway Astronomy Club, but I have not got around to it just yet.

The closest I have come to astonomy is the video above I got on my new camera, which Im still learning how to use, so I doubt I will be setting the world of star gazing alight soon! But we all start somewhere! When I was filming it, I was thinking of some of his quotes, which is why I thought it apt to post here. One of my favourites is:

“Not only does God play dice, but… he sometimes throws them where they cannot be seen.”

Galway and Astronomy

Galway has made its own contribution to astronomy, with Dr Andy Shearer discovering the fact that most of the light from a pulsar comes from its surface.

NUIG have an observatory and a Department of Astronomy, and work in many fields is going on there. In time it may produce a scientist of similar importance to Hawkins. That would be cool.

Stephen Hawking, the man

Stephen Hawking has been an inspiration to all, from established authorities like Andy Shearer to wannabes such as myself. Fellow scientists and ordinary people have been reacting to the news online:

His life story was told in “The Theory of Everything” the film about him by his ex wife, detailing how he overcame the limitations of Motor Neuron Disease and put the ability in disability.

The same sky is above us all, but his words brought it just that bit closer for the common man.


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