[SHARE] Help Us Find The Owner of 2 Lost Concert Tickets

Lost Concert Tickets

On Sunday last Conor Hogan (one of The Galway Eye writers) found 2 concert tickets in a little brown envelope near the Claddagh church in Galway.

The envelope has a name on it – ‘Seán’ with the inscription ‘Sean x 2’ – probably referring to the 2 tickets.

The tickets were purchased on Friday 29th September and are valued in the range of €75 – €125. They are for a concert next year (2018) in a popular Irish venue.

If you know a Seán (and let’s face it we probably all do know at least one) that might have lost 2 concert tickets last Sunday in Galway – SHARE this on your social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc) and let’s get the tickets back to him as soon as possible.

PS – The real owner (i.e. Seán) will know what concert the tickets are for and how much they cost – so no guessing – thanks!

Seán – if you are reading this – send a message to The Galway Eye on Facebook and we will reunite you with your tickets 🙂


Seán has been found 🙂